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Sermon Archive 

Rev. Matt Bomhoff



I am grateful for the opportunity to offer relevant messages of hope from the scriptures as part of our worship each Sunday. I believe it is important to intentionally engage with the complexities this ancient text offers with open minds and hearts, relying on the Spirit within to cultivate growth in our love for God and neighbor and help us be imitators of Christ's kindness and compassion. 

- Matt

Messages of Hope

Measuring Suffering
The Kingdom of God is Like ...
Rewards of Resurrection
This One Thing
Remembering Pentecost
The Nurturing Love of God

The True Vine
The Green Light Gospel
Awake to God's Presence
Triumph & Trauma
Buildling Bridges
Tipping Sacred Cows
The Perils of Ignorant Bliss
Who is My Neighbor?
Passing the Mantle
Love Epiphany
Aha Moments with God
The Hooks of Discipleship
Come and See
The Cross-Shaped Life
Light in the Darkness

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