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Enter God's gates with thanksgiving,
And into God's courts with praise ...


The early church gathered every Sunday to celebrate the Lord’s Supper, sing, study scripture, receive an offering for the poor, and pray. We still hold these traditions near to our heart at ROCC. We sing psalms, 
hymns, and spiritual songs, reflect on scripture, pray together and gather around the table together every Sunday beginning at 10:50 am.
Come as you are and bring a friend!

Man Playing Guitar

Jesus told a parable about leaving 99 sheep to go after the one. We have a heart to make room for "spiritual refugees" who have been displaced from meaningful, spiritual community. If you have been hurt in church, are wrestling with your faith, or are interested in exploring the mysteries of God in a safe place, join us to cultivate spirituality through music, meditation, and conversation. Come as you are and bring a friend!


Paul appealed to first century Christians to present their lives in service to God as spiritual worship. We are  a compassionate community active in ministries both in and outside the walls of the church. We support Northside Inter-Community Agency with monthly donations, canned goods,  school supplies, and clothing. We partner with local churches to care for the homeless, and volunteer with River Oaks Community Center Food Bank and Meals on Wheels. Come join us as we worship and serve our community!


Join us as we gather together to sing Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, dig into the scriptures to grow in our faith, gather around the table to remember our Savior and His great and precious promises, pray for each other and our world to strengthen our friendships and inspire us to serve our God and neighbor with the gifts and callings we have received from God. Join us every Sunday for coffee and prayer at 9:30 am, Bible Study at 10:00, and worship at 10:50.

We celebrate communion every week and believe the table set for us is Jesus' table, not ours. Jesus welcomed ALL people to dine with Him: tax collectors, prostitutes, and self-righteous religious folks as well. We follow His lead ... all are welcome.

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